Ik zou het jou blijven zegen 'kzie je graag' want het is waar!!

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Hello Petra,I have just finished redniag your entire blog, and I just wanted to say, I am so proud of you! I found your blog while redniag testimonials on the Red Cross website.What an amazing person you are everything you've been through, and what you are going through now and striving to do in order to help others I hope to read more from you as you write more, and I want you to know i am cheering you on!I've donated blood about 5 times in my life, first time about 10 years ago. That is not nearly enough, so I am going to donate every other time they have a drive nearby me, and hopefully work up to EVERY time they have a drive. The last time I gave, I was also on my period, and then next day, I had some strange gut issues which I tend to have anyway on my period, so thought that I would skip the next time and do the time after, and that is in about a month and a week I am excited. I absolutely rather hate needles, but giving the gift of blood to those who need it is much more important than my dislike of needles, and so I give anyway I have a kind of unpredictable work schedule so I ask for the day off so that I can give, and it is probably a good idea for me to ask for the day after off too, at least for the first few times coming up. I really take a few days to recover, but I am back to feeling mostly-normal the next day, but I don't exercise for about 3-5 days afterwards, to give my body a chance to recover and also I do a lot of cardio (walking videos mostly but also I walk the dog!) so I don't want to risk working myself too hard after giving blood. It also makes me woozy afterwards and I need to eat and drink a lot afterwards. None of that bothers me though, because giving blood is really important to me, so even though I am slightly inconvenienced for a few days, I will do it as often as I can as long as I can Keep at it, I know you can do it!Amy

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Hey there. What kind of board/card games catch your interest?Your best sttiarng point would probably be a game/hobby/comic book store, oddly enough. Even though you are bound to find more people in there playing Dungeons Dragons than classic board games (which sounds like what you are after), someone in there especially if it is a classier establishment can probably point you in the right direction of a gaming convention centre.Most areas, even my little hometown, have a gaming convention centre. Though, the culture of where you live is going to affect what kinds of games are played there; if you live in an elderly community, you will probably just find an abominably large amount of Bingo games. If you're surrounded by teens and young adults, the centre probably resembles more of a video-game arcade. So you will probably have to hope that your community meets somewhere in the middle.But, even if you strike out of luck finding a centre in your area, you can try another alternative (albeit one a bit tricky to enter). If you are skilled at these games, then you will probably be able to make it into a more close-knit gaming club (Scrabble Players' Clubs are all over the place, believe it or not, for example). The hard part is finding these, meeting the people in the group, and actually being accepted into the club (usually not too difficult, but for more serious games like Chess, this can be very challenging). Again, a hobby/game store clerk (or the players in the store) can probably point you in the right direction. Don't be shy ask them.If all else fails, look on the bright side you can still play board and card games online with others across the globe. Serious gaming sites even offer international online tournaments that enable you to win monetary or item prizes!Good luck.