Ik zou het jou blijven zegen 'kzie je graag' want het is waar!!

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There definitely are ocommn trends in elections across Europe, and the Guardian's visualisation could have made it appear more clearly if they hadn't made so many mistakes (e.g. France, where cohabitation' governments are not taken into account, or Poland, which was somehow not red immediatly between 1989 and 1993). But beyond elections, how can we negate the role of globalisation, ageing demograpgics, environmental questions, emerging countries, new media, the crisis of the welfare state, immigration, and growing ethnicist-paranoid movements on European politics? All these factors shape European party systems in the same way, and they are not going to stop overnight. Saying that it won't happen in our lifetime is a bit like seeing the glass one-quarter empty when it's three-quarter full, I think. It's already happening, and the role European political parties have taken in only 40 years is in itself a revolution. PES and EPP are most certainly going to have their candidates for commission president in 2014. If that's not already europeanisation, I don't want to know how far europeanisation should go for us to see it
you are not able to find a job because aurnod this town everyone knows everyone, and they know you are a trouble maker, and do not do as told. People are back to school so he goes on a job hunt since there should be plenty, he's able to find a job at a hotel where his classmatee28099s brother had worked until he was murdered for consorting with a white prostitute. Richard starts to become a thief because he is trying to afford money to head north. Richard rents a room from a nice lady who thinks Richard should marry her daughter and that he would be the perfect man for her. Richard is a little freaked out because he has just meet this women and he expects her to fall in love with her daughter. He quit now he takes a job in another optical shop, where he cleans and runs errands. Richard starts having one of his friends get him books from the library because black people are not aloud in their, Richard becomes a voracious reader. The books bring him an exciting new understanding of life, and he hungers to do some writing of his own. He cautiously hides his books from his coworkers, who notice that he has become distant and dreamy. Finally that winter, Richarde28099s mother and brother join him in Memphis. Alan gets a job, and the family anxiously saves money for the trip to Chicago. Shortly after their Aunt Maggie joins to live with them because he husband abandoned her. Richard and Maggie decide to go first and get a place for four, and then Alan and Ella will come when they get more money. Southern whites do not like it when black people move to the North because it implies that the blacks do not like the treatment they receive in the South. Richard waits just two days before to tell his boss that he is moving to the north, because he does not want to cause any friction. He says goodbye to all of his co-workers and you can tell they are jealous he is moving to a nice place now, they look up to him and want to move to a better area where they can enjoy their lives.So i hope you enjoyed my post and it helped you understand what the book was about. I loved this book and I truly do not like to read but this book I could not put down, it brought so many emotions to me when I was reading it, it made you think about how bad their lives were and how awful the whites were to the black. He did not have the greatest early life but he knew how to over come it, and what he had to do if he wanted to have the great life, with food and money and a job he enjoyed which is writing books, like the one he wrote about is childhood.

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